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Eyebrows Care Information Guide

Types of eyebrows and their care

The following article details about Eyebrows Care.

Introduction to Eyebrows Care: Much has been written about the eyes, which are the mirror of the soul, which are the two headlights that illuminate the face etc., and is that the eyes bring life to the face, but the eyebrows are its frames.

If these have been waxed incorrectly, harmony is lost and even the facial expression can be modified.

Hence the need to know which is the form of eyebrows that suits us best according to our face and its essential care.

Eyebrows Care–Types of eyebrows

It must take into account the exact form you want to achieve, and relate it to the style of the face. It is important to understand that not all types of eyebrows are in harmony with all variants on faces.

Types of eyebrows and their care
Types of eyebrows and their care

To do this, certain influential factors must be taken into account at the aesthetic level. As a general rule, adapted measures for the perfect elaboration, is to pay attention to the beginning of the eyebrow must have a maximum width of 8 mm, where it is narrowed, reaching the peak or point of height maximum width 5 mm, and tail at least 2 mm.

It is easy to understand this with examples of some famous that have the style mentioned:

■ Fine eyebrows. Although they do not usually fit everyone, they are among the most requested

Bulky / populated eyebrows. They follow the effect achieved in the 80’s, but more delimited and not so wild. It is the style of Brooke Shields, which sealed a trend for several years.

■ Round eyebrows. Suggested for square faces as they sharpen the features of the face. Famous exhibitions include Sharon Stone and Julia Roberts.

■ Straight eyebrows. Proposals in the case of elongated faces, as they benefit these faces, widening the features and creating the optical effect of the oval, due to the horizontal line. A good example of this is the Helena Christensen model.

■ Semi-curved eyebrows. This form of eyebrows is described as graceful for most faces except the very elongated ones. Actresses such as Sandra Bullock and Salma Hayek, clearly see this style.

■ Peak / pointed eyebrows. It expresses features more attuned to round ovals. The best look worn by Demi Moore.

■ Round top eyebrows. The peak of the eyebrow is more manageable towards the semi-circle, not so accented, and are perfect for oval faces. This is what Tyra Banks presents.

Eyebrows care

If you want to keep them in the best possible state, you can choose:

  • Tint them according to the tone that you wear in the hair, as they give power to the color and thus can have a harmony with respect to the whole.
  • Try a permanent eyebrow. This technique allows women with curly or drooping eyebrows to enhance those annoying hairs that sadden the look.
  • Perform a hair removal with thread, a system specially aimed at eliminating excess hairs in the area, and in general, the face, using cotton threads, which in expert hands allow precise and natural removal. It is a widespread trend nowadays, and in great demand.

Eyebrows Care–Makeup for eyebrows

The concealer, the mascara and the illuminators are not products designed for the eyebrows, but do contribute to their appearance. If you wear makeup, but you have dark circles under your eyes, the work you’ve done will not help. If you do not want to use shade, you can apply matte illuminator (white or cream) just on the bottom line.

If your eyebrows are populated enough and do not have any imperfections, you may not need makeup. In this case, make sure that there is no base and dust on the face, as this may dull them, creating a greyish appearance not favorable to avoid it, at the end of your routine, clean them with a wet towel, or with cotton and make-up remover.

Try to do it very carefully so as not to eliminate the base or the corrector of the edges. Remember that a good make-up looks to create a harmonic effect. Every detail counts and can make a difference.

Eyebrows Care–How to have thick, populated eyebrows

The time of the fine eyebrows has passed and now the trend is directed towards the eyebrows populated, defined and well maintained what is known as eyebrows maxi or XXL.

However, there are women whose eyebrows are thin or thin and wonder: How to make them grow more? While others that already have thick have a look like “abandoned”.

Then we will present both home remedies and natural remedies so that the eyebrows grow in abundance and look thick and how they should be taken care of once they have.

Eyebrows Care–Remedies to stimulate eyebrow growth

Remedy to stimulate eyebrow growth # 1: Take 1 tablespoon of fenugreek seeds and add 1 tablespoon of water to it. Make a soft paste and apply over eyebrows and leave overnight. In the morning, wash with a mild facial cleanser or soap.

Remedy to stimulate eyebrow growth # 2: Soak a cotton ball in a little milk and rub it over the eyebrows. Do it every day at night; will yield great results.

Remedy to stimulate eyebrow growth # 3: Break an egg and separate the yolk from the white section. Now, whisk the yolk into a bowl and apply directly on the eyebrows. After 1 hour, rinse with warm water.

Eyebrows Care–How to take care of them?

That they look natural does not imply that they will be carried without care; On the contrary, care will be elementary to frame the look in the best way.

■ They should look clean and depilated, only eliminating the rebellious excesses that are outside the bow.

■Combing them regularly favors them they should be brushed up and out.

■It can happen that the hairs are very long; In that case they only have to comb up, and trim with a small scissors: those that leave the line.

■For home waxing, it is advisable to use the clip; A mistake with the use of wax will be more noticeable in view.

■ If the eyebrows are too thin to join the maxi tendency, with the application of castor oil, olive oil or milk – twice a day – they can be added naturally.

Eyebrows Care–Famous in the natural

The screens, big and small, are the best sample of the XXL trend.

The stars have been enchanted by the eyebrows with this look.

■ Camilla Belle takes them dark, populated and much defined, to frame her lookthe trick of this beautiful star is to keep the bow “polished”, to focus attention to your eyes.

■ Elizabeth Olsen, the new face of “The Avengers”, shows a natural look, with eyebrows without any makeup, but rather populated; with this, the new “Scarlet Witch” presents a casual look, but at the same time very well taken care of.

■ Jennifer Lopez does not hesitate to join the new trends in fashion; With her eyebrows populated and well-made, according to the rest of her face, JLo remains in the speech as one of the most IN women of the moment.

■ Sofia Vergara combines her maxi eyebrows with her voluptuous eyelashes; A separation between eyebrow and eyebrow, very well defined, gives a glamorous and sophisticated touch to this Colombian, actress of “Family Modern”.

Eyebrows Care–Other tips for having thick, populated eyebrows

  • You need a pencil to make eyebrows, according to the tone of your skin and hair.
  • The variations of brown look more alive, natural and do not harden the expression of the face.
  • A clamp will always prevent the bad time that can cause an out-of-place hair.
  • Transparent gel and a brush for your application, will be the final touch to keep them in place.
  • An eyelash mask, with extra volume, can complete the look.

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