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Beauty Enhancing Foods Information
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Beauty Enhancing Foods Information

Beauty Enhancing Foods Information

Beauty Enhancing Foods–Foods to beautify

Many we strive to buy the latest cream of cosmetological trading houses.

However, we must not forget that our beauty also depends on what we eat daily.

That is to say, that eating well will not only help us maintain our health but also help us to look younger and more beautiful, however, we ask ourselves what are these foods to beautify?

Beauty Enhancing Foods–Foods for an Irresistible Smile

Beauty Enhancing Foods–Pasitas for a beautiful smile

To the surprise of many, the pasitas in proper portions, are not an enemy for the health of your teeth. Recent studies show that its antioxidant-rich content helps control the growth of some types of bacteria, which can cause plaque on the teeth and inflammation in the gums. You can eat them as a snack or as part of your breakfast, combining them with your cereal or with your fruit salad.

Beauty Enhancing Foods Information

Beauty Enhancing Foods – Celery: Another ally when smiling Complement your smile with a fresh breath. This crispy plant with high fiber content, is a good remedy to combat halitosis. When you chew it, your mouth produces more saliva than when you eat other foods, making it a natural rinse that helps you remove some food scraps, which produce plaque and can cause bad breath.

When cooking. Add parsley to your meals, especially those containing garlic. In this culinary battle, the properties of parsley help to destroy the components of garlic that cause bad breath.

Beauty Enhancing Foods – Foods for dazzling skin

Soy and Your Skin By age twenty, your skin begins to lose collagen, a substance that helps with its elasticity. Recover your youth, including these soybeans in your meals.

Beauty Enhancing Foods – Spinach: Much More Than Popeye Its natural properties make spinach a vegetable with everything you need for a younger and silky skin. In it, you can find vitamin E and A, two powerful antioxidants that will be in charge to beautify your skin and your hair. Spinach also contains lutein, a compound that takes care of the health of your eyes and gives you a glare.

Beauty Enhancing Foods – Food for beautiful hands

The Unbreakable Yogurt: A daily cup of low fat natural yogurt is an excellent source of calcium. The vitamin’s calcium powers can help your nails grow faster, smoother and stronger.

Do not forget to include milk, cheeses and non-fat yogurt in your meals, especially if you are a woman and you are over 40, as it will do your bones, against osteoporosis, and your smile.

Beauty Enhancing Foods – Food and vitamins for a beautiful hair

In addition to sun rays, chemicals and dryers, hair also suffers from the lack of vitamins that it requires to give it shine. In some of the following ingredients you can find them, add them to your meals:

  • Vitamin A. Carrots, sweet potatoes, spinach, fruits and nuts. It improves the production of sebum, which keeps the hair hydrated and silky.
  • Vitamin C. It is found in fruits and vegetables. Combats dryness, brittle hair, protects against weather and prevents falling.
  • Vitamin D. They are in dairy, eggs, fish, liver, liver oils and cereals. Offers resistance from the root.
  • Vitamin E. Sunflower seeds, nuts, vegetable and carrot oils. Fight the fall.
  • Vitamin B2. Dairy, eggs, meats, fish, liver, legumes and nuts. It acts against seborrhea, and regulates the loss of strands in your mane.
  • Vitamin B3. Meats, fish, viscera, whole grains and nuts. It recovers the keratin and returns the natural shine.

Beauty Enhancing Foods – Sonoma Diet

Are you still struggling to lose the most gained kilos at the December festivities? Do not worry.

There is a diet that can be done easily and that is balanced and tasty … the Sonoma diet.

The Sonoma diet was created by nutritionist Connie Peraglie Guttersen of Bellevue Medical Center in Washington.

Benefits of this diet

Health Salad Diet.
  • In the Sonoma diet there are no hated diet foods or special foods. It is impossible to get bored or throw the towel with this plan of thinning because it is based on a wide range of whole foods, fresh, delicious and nothing complex to find and prepare. Nor do we have to write down calories, nor weigh the food, nor make special stews, nor eat dishes other than those of our fellows.
  • You will be fed with foods that provide the maximum amount of nutrients to your body, helping you to develop your own defenses. In addition, foods are combined so that not only uncovered flavors, but favor the absorption of nutrients.
  • There are no forbidden foods, but food in reasonable amounts of the leanest and healthy snacks, chewing slowly and savoring every bite, so when you get up from the table you will feel satiated.
  • It does not turn its back on fats … On the contrary, it recommends the consumption (in its fair amount) of variety of nuts and avocado, for example, as well as the natural oils of the fish, so good for the circulation, that will help you lose weight.
  • It does not show indisposition by the carbohydrates, although the consuming ones will come, mainly, of the vegetables, rich in fiber. If you like rice and pasta accompanying the main course, you can eat them as long as it is the full version.
  • At last you will learn to eat. The secret to losing weight on this diet is to rediscover the “right way to eat” and savor a wide variety of foods without falling into the typical dieting hurts.

Beauty Enhancing Foods – Slimming down by rounds

Instead of counting calories or weighing foods, this diet uses the diameter of the plate to measure the amounts and consists of three rounds, which will be surpassed as you go losing weight:

  • First round:

Lasts for the first 10 days (which go beating the habit of eating sugars, refined flours and other foods fast absorption that led you to be overweight). It is the period in which you lose weight more quickly, while reconverting your nutritional habits and lifestyle.

  • Second round:

It is the longest part of the diet, and you will install it to the desired weight. You will lose weight more slowly than in the first round, but weight loss will be steady and steady.

  • Third round:

You can include a couple of glasses of wine a day and some other whim … If your weight increases again, can return to the second round for a couple of weeks.

Beauty Enhancing Foods – Sonoma Diet Model

The name of the diet comes from Sonoma County, north of San Francisco, a place that shares with the Mediterranean fruits and vegetables, wine, lean meat, fish and seafood, olive oil … And those are the ingredients of this diet. For example:

  • Breakfast

Bowl of skim milk with whole grains, whole meal Melba toast with a drizzle of olive oil and an apple.

  • Food

A plate of pasta with whole steamed vegetables, a fillet of grilled chicken with roasted peppers and orange.

  • Snack

A yogurt, pear and three graham crackers.

  • Dinner

Salad, an omelet of an egg with ham and a bowl of strawberries.

Beauty Enhancing Foods – Food for a healthy tan

When summer arrives, we want our skin to look brown, but at the same time, healthy and protected from sun damage.

One way to achieve this is through an adequate diet rich in natural pigments, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids,

However, the question arises: What are the foods that can really help us achieve a healthy tan?

Beauty Enhancing Foods – Nutrition and Tanning

Increase your intake of these nutrients two weeks before exposing yourself to the sun, at a minimum.

Water A week before leaving on vacation and during your stay, drink at least two liters of water daily, especially if you spend the whole day in the sun. You can also get water from natural juices, teas, broths gazpacho and vegetables. If you go to the beach, eat a half glass of warm water mixed with a teaspoon of bitter beer yeast; it will help you shine your skin and prevent it from shrinking and looking like a map.

Fatty acids Omega-3 prevents wilting and inflammation of the skin, because it prevents fluid loss in the body. It abounds in cow’s milk enriched with fatty acids, in cod, lobster, crabs, shrimp, anchovies, rabbit, walnuts, soybeans, canola, wheat germ and black currant. Many of these substances can be consumed. Also in the form of capsules, sold in pharmacies

Beta carotene act as a protective shield of the skin and promote the production of melanin, to ensure a golden hue. Because they are precursors of vitamin A, they neutralize free radicals. You’ll find them in fruits and vegetables like peach, mango, apricot, melon, tomato, carrot, pumpkin, lettuce, spinach and kidney beans.

Vitamin E has an antioxidant and healing action, which makes it perfect to help your body repair the dermis alterations caused by the sun. You can increase your reserves by accompanying the salads with avocado, paprika, almonds, peanuts, pistachios, wheat germ, green olives, asparagus, basil and oregano, and seasoning with red pepper, olive oil, sunflower, soybeans or corn.

Beauty Enhancing Foods – Prolonged Effects

To extend the tan includes in your diet foods rich in fatty acids, selenium and zinc. The former abound in salmon, sardines, haddock, tuna and herring. The second you will find it in the meat, the eggs, the chocolate and the cereals; and the ultimate in oysters, pork, lamb and poultry.

On the other hand, the Alfa carotenes contained in the egg yolks, the corn, the broccoli and the kiwi, also grant an excellent protection against the UV rays.

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