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Toothache Cure 100% Working Methods Fix Cure 7 Methods

How To Cure Toothache With Ice Cubes That Are Proven Effective

How to cure toothache with ice cubes has been proven effective and has been proven by many toothache sufferers, and now it is worth trying. Curing a toothache with ice cubes may sound strange, because when you experience a toothache, cold drinks will actually make your teeth feel sore. It's true that we use ice to drink, in contrast to that ... this is an effective way to cure toothache with ice cubes.

Besides being able to be used to cure toothaches, ice cubes are also used in the management of basketball injuries , and this is a standard procedure in basketball first aid. Back to the question of how to treat toothaches, then how do you cure toothaches with ice cubes?

CONDITIONS WHICH CREATE DENTAL DISEASE Toothache is really excruciating, then we just remember the importance of maintaining healthy teeth and mouth . Before I explain about how to treat toothache with ice cubes, it helps us touch a little on a few things that cause toothache.
Apart from tooth decay, toothaches can be caused by the following conditions:
  1. Swollen teeth festering.
  2. Teething.
  3. Sinusitis infection that makes teeth painful.
  4. Trauma to the tooth due to injury.
  5. Repetitive movements such as chewing gum or grinding your teeth.
  6. Sudden fracture of a tooth or tooth root.
  7. Infection of the gums or roots of the teeth.
  8. The build-up of food waste, especially if the teeth are loose enough between the teeth.

HOW TO HEAL A DENTAL DISEASE WITH ICE CUBES Do you have a toothache that doesn't heal? In addition to the several ways to treat toothaches that have been discussed on the previous page, there are still ways to get rid of toothaches quickly, namely by using ice cubes. The following are the steps for curing toothache with ice cubes: 1. Pressure with ice cubes at point LI4 The first way to cure toothache with ice cubes is to apply certain pressure. Sometimes it can also dry out your mouth if you do it for too long. This area in the world of health is called the LI4 point, namely Large Intestine 4 which according to research can be used to relieve stress or pain in the face, head, and tooth area. 
LI4 can be found on the hand, between the thumb and index finger. That is why the area is a point to relieve toothache. how to relieve toothache when growing teeth in children can also take advantage of ice cubes, friend. If you have found the LI4 point on your finger, to start reducing your toothache, do the following:
  1. Prepare cubes of ice cubes in the approximate size of the pieces according to your finger.
  2. Prepare a base in the form of a dry towel so that melted ice cubes don't contaminate your clothes or your room.
  3. Make sure in a comfortable position (recommended in a sitting position).
  4. Place the ice cubes right at point LI4 by forming the index finger and thumb as if forming a letter "V"
  5. Apply light pressure to that point. This can reliably send a cold signal and reduce tooth pain.
  6. Rub it for about 5 to 10 minutes until the pain fades away.
This method is done on the same hand as the aching tooth, for example the toothache is in the right tooth, then apply pressure and do the method above on the right hand, and vice versa. If this method is still not optimal, then you can use the toothache therapy method to maximize it.

2. Compressing the Cheeks with Ice Cubes The next way to cure toothache with ice cubes is to compress indirectly, this method can be applied by those of you who have sensitive teeth or hypersensitive teeth, so that the cold feeling from the ice cubes does not penetrate directly into your teeth , here's how:

  • Prepare ice cubes in small pieces.
  • Prepare a base in the form of a dry towel so that melted ice cubes don't contaminate your clothes or your room.
  • Try to sit in a sitting position so that water from the ice cubes doesn't get into your ears.
  • Place an ice cube on the cheek which is right in front of your sore tooth, hold it tightly until the cold feeling of the ice cube is felt into your tooth. don't forget to put a base under your cheek so that the ice water doesn't wet your clothes.
  • Do it for about 10 minutes.
  • If this method is done for too long it will make your cheek skin feel stiff and a little reddish, but it does not stay and will return by itself when the ice cubes are released from the cheeks.

how to cure a toothache with ice cubes

AVOID THIS FOOD AND DRINK In order for the way to cure toothache with ice cubes above to work effectively, you must also take care of the problem of food and drink that must be avoided. There are several things related to teeth in the form of food and drinks that you need to avoid, such as the following:

To cure your toothache, foods that taste sweet are indeed taboo for you. Any food that contains a sweet taste is strictly prohibited for people with toothaches and swollen gums. This is because these foods will only trigger a toothache to get worse. The taste of excess sugar will make the gums even swollen. That's why sweet foods are not good for toothache sufferers. The types of food like this are: chocolate, cakes, lunkhead, candy, and other sweet foods.

Cold drinks do taste fresher, but avoid this if you have a toothache. Indeed, the way to cure toothache with ice cubes above is a solution, but that doesn't mean you have to consume cold food and drinks. Food or drinks that are cold or contain ice will cause the pain to recur, especially if you have sensitive teeth . The types of food that contain cold ingredients are frozen meat, ice cream, cendol, cold pudding and other cold foods. Also read: fruit that is healthy for teeth.

Eating foods that taste sour will make the method of curing toothaches with ice cubes ineffective. Be it food or drinks that contain high acid levels, it is a taboo for toothache sufferers. The acid content in food will easily make teeth sicker. Examples include foods or drinks that contain large amounts of acid, such as pineapple, yogurt and similar foods. 

Foods like  are indeed very tasty to eat. However, these foods are prohibited foods for toothache sufferers. That's because, the vinegar in the broth can erode tooth enamel. And this will result in the risk of toothache causing swelling of the gums to get bigger. That is why these toothache taboos are prohibited for consumption. Also read: causes of tooth enamel decay.

Instead of curing your toothache, solid foods will make your toothache worse. Hard food is certainly not recommended for toothache sufferers, because besides it will only aggravate the teeth, especially if the teeth have cracks, this food is not the right thing to consume for toothache sufferers. As for foods that are hard, such as nuts, candy, and other hard foods.

Some Children's Toothache Drugs Are Easy But Effective

Toothache is a disease that makes the sufferer very painful. Adults who have a toothache suffer because of the pain, especially if the child experiences it. Therefore, in order to avoid a worse incident as soon as possible , the most effective medicine for children's toothache must be found.

Toothache is indeed a disease that is not only painful but also troublesome. It hurts, of course, because it makes anyone, including children, feel excruciating pain. 

It's troublesome because if the child has a toothache, it's the parents who bother. How could I not, if the child is in pain, he will cry most of the time. Not only fussy, the child will feel restless all the time. 

The side effect that usually occurs when a child has a toothache is not eating. Because if you eat it will definitely add to the toothache. At night, what often happens is that the child cannot sleep, is constantly fussy because of the pain. This is what troubles his parents.

Because the impact is very bad and really unpleasant, toothache in children must be resolved as soon as possible by choosing a medicine for children's toothache which is not only the most appropriate but also can heal in a relatively fast time. 

Some Causes of Toothache in Children

Not only adults, children will feel pain if they get toothache. This toothache will be more painful if the sufferer drinks cold or eats sweet things. Instantly around the teeth and jaw there will be unbearable pain.

When it reaches a severe stage, this toothache can cause extreme dizziness in children. His head was throbbing. It could even happen that a child's cheek will swell. This is what makes children fussy, unable to sleep and unable to move as usual. 

Toothache experienced by children is caused by various factors, including: 

1. Lack of maintenance of oral hygiene

2. Too much consumption of sweet foods, such as candy and chocolate

The remainder of this sweet food settles in the oral cavity for quite a long time, an azam substance that is secreted by the bacteria in the sugar substance appears. The enamel layer of the teeth is damaged by it. This is what is known as a cavity.

3. Lack of fiber intake. The portion of eating vegetables is still very lacking.

Various Ways to Treat Children's Toothache

There are many ways that we can do in an effort to find the most effective medicine for children's toothache. Here below are some recommended natural ways that can be used as a reference to cure toothaches in children: 

1. Gargle with warm water
The traditional method of using warm water is widely practiced by toothache sufferers, both adults and children because of its proven efficacy. The method is very easy, just take one glass of warm boiled water. Gargle for a while, about two minutes. After that, let it stand while waiting for its properties. To be more nutritious, usually in warm water is added salt to taste.
2. Smeared with clove oil
Pour a little clove oil on the cotton. In the affected part of the tooth, the cotton is then placed or tucked. This clove oil can be useful for numbing the taste. Can be a local anesthetic to the sore tooth. Toothache can subside, after which it disappears. 
3. Compress the swollen cheeks using cold water
Your child's cheeks that are swollen due to toothache can be normalized by using cold compresses. Fresh ice is wrapped in a clean cloth, placed against the cheek. 

4. Using garlic
It's easy. Take a clove of garlic and crush it. The garlic rub is placed on the part of the tooth that hurts. Gradually the pain will disappear.
Those are some natural ways to treat children's toothache that can be put into practice right away, which are safe, have no side effects at all.

How to deal with toothache without medicine

How to deal with toothache without medication you can do with the following simple steps. Toothache is certainly a disease that can interfere with your various activities. Usually a toothache will affect the nerves around the brain, making you feel uncomfortable, lack of concentration, and feel dizzy or have headaches.  

The pain in the teeth and the area around the gums is usually caused by bacteria or germs that live in between the teeth due to rotting food debris or holes in the teeth. There are many toothache medicines that you can buy at pharmacies or stores, but most of these medicines will cause side effects that interfere with your activities such as drowsiness.

Here are 6 natural ingredients as a way to deal with toothache without medication:

1. Chewing Garlic Chewing garlic might sound strange, especially when it's raw. Its strong taste and aroma will certainly make you feel uncomfortable. But you need to know that garlic is an antiseptic and antimicrobial which also functions to reduce pain. Chew a piece of garlic on the part of the tooth that hurts for a few minutes. As long as you chew, the allicin in garlic will kill the bacteria that cause toothache.

2. Gargling vinegar water Vinegar water, either cooking vinegar or apple cider vinegar, is a good antibacterial and antimicrobial to kill germs that cause dental problems. But don't get rid of the vinegar right away, because the strong acid content can damage the enamel or protective layer of teeth. Therefore you can dilute half a teaspoon of vinegar with a glass of warm water.

Gargle and hold, especially on the sore area for about 30 seconds then throw it away. Another alternative is to put vinegar on a cotton ball, and press it on the affected tooth area. Next, rinse your mouth and brush your teeth so that the remaining acid is gone and doesn't erode the enamel. Also read: Natural toothache remedies for children.

Chew Guava leaves-Guava leaves are not only known as a remedy for digestive problems, guava leaf extract can also be a powerful antibacterial, antimicrobial, and pain reliever. Simply wash 1-2 pieces of guava leaves, then nail them, especially around the sore teeth. The water that comes out of guava leaves is effective in dealing with toothache. Another way is to gargle boiled water with guava leaves and a little salt. This solution can be an effective mouthwash as a way to deal with toothache without medication. 

Clove Oil that Works-Clove oil contains eugenol, which can be used as an anesthetic agent or temporarily numbs it. To be safer, use a cotton ball soaked in 1-2 drops of clove oil then stick it on the sore tooth. Hold it until the pain subsides. Next, rinse your mouth to remove the remaining clove oil that remains in your mouth. Make sure there is no oil dripping and getting into other parts of the gums or tongue, as this will cause a bitter taste and a long burning sensation.

5. Salt Water Salt is a way to deal with toothache without the most effective medicine. The salt content is useful for killing bacteria that usually cause various dental problems. In addition, salt is also useful in reducing the problem of inflammation due to infection.

How to use salt is also very simple, dissolving half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. Gargle a few moments, especially in the area that feels sore and then throw it away. Salt water will reduce moisture in the mouth which will reduce bacterial growth. Do this at least 3 times a day, especially before bed and after waking up, and when the pain returns.

Compress with ice cubes-The cold sensation can actually help reduce pain signals. Using ice cubes wrapped in cloth or plastic is a way to deal with toothache without effective medicine. Compress for a long time around the sore tooth. The stimulation of the feeling of cold will relieve the pain you are experiencing. You can also do a compress while massaging the back of the hand between the index finger and thumb to increase the effectiveness of the cold nerve.

How to get rid of toothworms with pandanus thorn leaves is effective

This method of removing toothworms with pandanus thorn leaves is very effective, you can try it this way. How to remove toothworms with pandan leaves is believed by some of our society, where toothworms are considered the cause of cavities. Then how do you get the caterpillars out with the help of pandan leaves? Then what kind of pandan leaves, ordinary pandan leaves or thorn pandan leaves?

Before we discuss how to get rid of toothworms with pandan leaves, it's good to talk about pandan leaves itself first ... what kind of pandan leaves will be used to remove toothworms. 

For information, the type of pandan leaf used to remove toothworms is pandanus thorn. Of course you are thinking how to distinguish the two types of pandan leaves? If the usual pandan leaves are pandan leaves in general, which smells good and there are no thorns, while the prickly pandan leaves have no smell besides being prickly. Usually, pandan duri leaves are used to make mats. So how do you get rid of this toothworm with pandanus thorn leaves ?


There are several ways to use thorn pandanus leaves. Here are some ways to remove toothworms with pandanus leaves with pandanus leaves:

1. Pounding pandanus leaves and rubbing them on your teeth You can also use pandanus leaves to remove toothworms by grinding them. Crush the pandan leaves until they are completely smooth and apply it to your cavities. Make sure not to leave the pandan leaves on for too long. Just five minutes, you can rinse your mouth to clean it. Make sure to apply it to teeth that have cavities and are thought to have caterpillars that cause cavities in them

2. Boil Pandan Duri Leaves and Make Mouthwash-you can also use pandan leaves to remove toothworms in other ways. You may not be able to use it as a drink, because you don't like the taste. It is not a problem because you can use the stew of pandan leaves as a mouthwash. Gargle with the stew of pandan leaves while it's still warm. Also read: how to treat toothache Previously, you should also brush your teeth. This is done to ensure that the caterpillar is completely dead and you can successfully remove it from your tooth. Gargle all over the mouth lest you leave any part unaffected and clean it thoroughly.
Often times you underestimate pandan leaves in your home environment, so based on the sources that have been collected it is known that from now on, take advantage of these pandan leaves to get benefits for removing toothworms. How you can do this, of course, is to drink the stew of pandan leaves. Also read: how to treat cavities It turns out that how to remove toothworms with panda leaves is not difficult and you can do it yourself at home.

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