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Simple home remedies to avoid earache - Earache Home Remedies

 If you have pain in the ear, then it causes you a lot of problems. Many times, the main cause of earache is fluid or infection. Apart from all these, there are other reasons as well, such as pain in your ear, any kind of erosion in the ear, accumulation of dirt in the ear, problems in the nose pipe, etc. All these reasons give a kind of emphasis in the ear, which increases the chances of getting ear pain. But you can easily get relief from this pain through home remedies. And you can use these tips sitting at your home.

Simple home remedies to avoid earache - Earache Home Remedies


There is no doubt that basil is an organic medicine. It has pain relieving properties and antibacterial properties which do not allow any kind of discomfort in your ear.

How to use

Take four to five basil leaves and then clean it, grind it and extract the juice. Now filter it and put two to three drops in your ears. You must do this at least twice a day. You will definitely benefit from this treatment.

Use onion

Onion which has antiseptic properties is also very beneficial for the health of our ears. Not only this, onions also have antibacterial properties.

Use this way in ear pain

Remove onion juice. And then place it in a bowl and heat it on low heat. After this, you drip one to two drops of it. You will get a lot of comfort with this recipe.

Wonderful medicinal benefits of garlic

uses of garlic

As we all know garlic is rich in properties. The bactericidal properties present in garlic easily remove the infection that spreads in the ear.

Method of use

You put garlic paste in mustard oil and heat it. After this, you cool the oil and then drip one to two drops into your ear. You will get a lot of rest.

Hot water

You heat the water and then fill it in a bottle. And then wrap this bottle with some oil. And then compress your ears with it. Doing this will relieve you of pain.

Benefits of drinking ginger juice


Ginger is very beneficial for human health. Because it has anti-inflammatory properties. Those who have the power to eliminate any kind of infection on the body.

Method of use

You take one ginger and then grind it and extract its juice. Now you put this juice in your ears. This kills the worms or bacteria present inside the ear. And you get relief from earache.

Use mint

Mint can give you relief if you have earache.

Method of use

Take the fresh leaves of mint, extract its juice. And then put a few drops of it in the painful ear. You will get relief from pain. Peppermint is also a pain reliever.

Azadirachta indica

Say medicine, say medicine, say anything Neem is capable of treating all kinds of diseases. The neem properties of pain caused in the ears have the ability to eliminate the pain of your ears.

How to use

Take fresh neem leaves. And grind it. After this, you extract its juice. Now pour a few drops of this juice into your ears. You can do this two to three times a day. This will relieve you completely from ear pain.


Ajwain is present in the homes of all of us. It works to protect you from minor diseases. Celery has antiseptic properties.

Method of using parsley

First of all, you pour a spoonful of oregano oil into a bowl, after which you also add an equal amount of sesame oil to it. Now heat it on low flame on the gas. And then drop two drops of it into your ear.

Simple home remedies to avoid earache - Earache Home Remedies

The medicinal benefits of age-old oil, which removes every major diseases

With olive oil

When you feel that there is dirt inside your ear, then you use olive oil. With this oil, the dirt and lubricant inside the ear gets cleaned. And with this, ear infection is also cured.

How to use olive oil

Friends, for this you take at least three drops of olive oil, and then make it lukewarm. Now you can clean your ears by putting ear buds in which this ear is cleaned. This will also give you relief from the sensation that occurs in the ears.

Use hair dryer

You will be surprised to know that hair dryer can also get you rid of ear problems.

Friends, it is often seen that the main reason for ear pain is water in the ear. In this way you can use hair dryer with caution too. You keep the hair dryer at some distance from the ears and then run it. This will cause the water stored in the ear to dry. Keep in mind that you have to do this experiment only for three to four minutes.

All these Vedic home remedies will definitely give you benefits. If it is not so, then you should immediately show your ears to the doctor without delay.

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