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Benefits of How to Treat Burns With Aloe Vera

Benefits of How to Treat Burns With Aloe Vera

Treating burns with aloe vera is one of the many proven benefits of aloe, learn more below

The benefits of aloe vera for treating burns are not in doubt. The effectiveness of using aloe vera also depends on the severity of the burn itself. At least this can be a first aid, to then be taken to the doctor, if you have a serious burn. In many cases, if the burn is not severe, it only occurs on the outer skin tissue.

 it can be cured by using aloe vera leaves. Aloe vera is rich in vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B6, folic acid, zinc, chloride, potassium, Vitamin K and other components that are very beneficial for health. Aloe vera also contains aloesin which has an anti-inflammatory effect so it can be used to treat burns

The cooling effect of aloe vera jelly can be of first aid when you suffer from burns or scalded. In addition to burns or scalded, aloe vera can also be used for sore skin caused by sunburn. To use aloe vera as a burn medicine, what you need is aloe vera gel. As a medicine, this clear, jelly-like aloe vera gel is often used as the main ingredient in ointments, lotions, creams, and so on.

Apart from being produced as medicine, aloe vera is also often used by the community in treating the health of hair , skin, it is even believed that(Treating burns with aloe vera)aloe vera treats ulcers.


 How to Treat Burns With Aloe Vera
HOW TO TREAT BURNS WITH VERA TONGUE The benefits of aloe vera for burns you can prove in the following way. Treating burns with aloe vera is very easy, because it does not require a mixture of other ingredients, nor does it need a troublesome processing process, such as making food preparations from aloe vera . The following are steps for treating burns with aloe vera :

  1. Take the aloe vera, peel the outer skin of the aloe vera, throw it away. Because what is useful for the treatment of burns is the meat.
  2. Attach the peeled aloe vera to the part of the skin where there is a burn.
  3. Wait until the wound doesn't blister.
  4. Then remove and clean the aloe vera from the skin until clean.

For burns that are not severe, the methods above are effective for healing. If the burn is severe, it is necessary to get further treatment by a doctor, and the method above is only first aid. TIPS FOR BURNINGS

  1. Sunburned skin is sensitive to sunlight even though it has healed. Use high levels of sunscreen for 6 months after sunburn to avoid discoloration and further damage.
  2. Take other medications to reduce tissue swelling and reduce pain.
  3. See a doctor immediately if you suspect that this is a serious, severe burn. These sores must be treated by a doctor and cannot be treated at home.
  4. Get medical care if you have burns to your face.
  5. Do not apply ice to a burn. The extreme cold can exacerbate the damage to the burn.
  6. Don't apply household items such as butter, flour, oil, toothpaste, or moisturizing lotions to the burn. This can actually exacerbate the damage

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