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How to plant aloe vera in the ground to grow large and fertile

How To Plant Aloe Vera:Ground To Grow Large and fertile 

How to plant aloe vera in the soil that you need to pay attention to, so that it grows healthy and fertile. Aloe vera is one of the most popular plant species in india even though it is not native to india. The huge benefits of aloe vera , both in terms of medicine, hair care and beauty, as well as various foods and drinks processed by aloe vera. make aloe vera has a high economic value. This is what makes many people want to grow aloe vera.

How to plant aloe vera directly in the ground is fairly easy, but you can't do it carelessly. If we want to get good aloe vera plants, then we also need to prepare good aloe vera seeds. 

We can get good aloe vera seeds by choosing good sires. From these broodstock, small aloe vera puppies usually appear, which can be used as seeds for planting. The following are the characteristics of superior aloe vera broods:

  • The fruit has a less pungent aroma
  • The weight per stem of aloe vera reaches 8 0ns
  • Aloe vera stem size reaches 50-60 cm
  • The color of the aloe vera stem is dark green
  • The taste of the fruit is not too bitter

How To Plant Aloe Vera- Tongue in Soil

HOW TO PLANT A VERA TONGUE IN THE SOIL After finding a good aloe vera seed, then we can plant it. The following is how to grow aloe vera in the ground :

  • Prepare the vacant land used for planting aloe vera.
  • Also prepare prospective aloe vera seeds.
  • Dig the soil used to plant aloe vera with a size of 20 x 20 cm.
  • Put organic fertilizer or compost into the soil that has been dug out. Keep in mind, in new plants you should not use goat manure, because it will cause heat.
  • Next, plant the aloe vera that has been prepared beforehand. Then flush with water.
After one week the aloe vera is planted, pay attention to the outermost aloe vera leaves, whether the leaves are wilted or not. If it withers, there is a possibility that the root of the aloe vera is attacked by pests. To fix this, it can be done by pulling the aloe vera plant, and seeing the cause.
How to plant aloe vera

 If the roots of the aloe vera plant are rotten, then cut them off so they don't spread to other parts. After that the aloe vera can be replanted.
  • Plant it in a large pot, because this plant is also experiencing large rapid growth.
  • If you want to multiply this plant quickly just take the seedlings, if the seeds are old.
  • Place it away from the reach of chickens and ducks because these animals often spray this plant.
  • Aloe vera is a desert plant that can stand dry for a long time, of course it is not complicated to care for it. In fact, that person is mistaken for a lot of watering this plant every day like other plants so that this plant is rotten.
  • Do not place it on the terrace of the house which is likely to be exposed to rainwater. It can rot later.
  • Although it is drought tolerant, in its natural desert habit, this plant grows among rocks that are quite shady, meaning that if planting the plant it is not well placed in a place that is exposed to sunlight all day long. Provide shade to avoid the scorching rays of the day
  • Throw in water if the leaves start to turn pale white.
  • Give compost to make it thrive

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